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Home Avenue specializes in the manufacture, retail and wholesale of designer curtains and sturdy blinds, exclusive wallpaper, exquisite vinyl flooring & Uwall Paneling. We are one stop home furnishing & products provider for all our clients's needs.

We believe in providing quality products, workmanship and value added service to keep our clients satisfied. With our wide array of home furnishing & products, our clients will be able to select the type of home furnishing & products according to their target price and preferences to easily suit any design and concept.

We aims to be the mastery of interior furnishing, decoration products execute each milestone with accuracy and perfection as our fundamentals. Constant advancement in our service, product ranges and workmanship are always top on our list in order to serve our clients better and create the best environment for both work and home.

 Quick tips for our Luxury resilient vinyl floor    






LRVF Vinyl Flooring 

No Hacking Needed! No Cement Apply! No Glue Apply! No Messy Works! No Dusty Works!  

(Extremely durable) Resistant to scratches, dents and stains, (Waterproof) Ideal for damp areas of the home, (Easy to Maintain)Installing and cleaning is simple. We have a huge selection of heavy duty vinyl flooring in a wide array of design, patterns, textures and colours.


   EURO Design - Luxury Resilient Vinyl Flooring (German Technology)  





We provide 100% Waterproof Skirting 



ausys is one of the world’s largest resilient flooring manufacturers and has various product line-ups. Over 50 years, we have striven to meet the spec 


Europe Design Vinyl Flooring (Overlay on existing mosaic tiles) Before & After :


 Processing of laying vinyl floorin  g  (Overlay on existing mosaic tiles ) :





There are the projects completed (Just overlay it, no hacking needed, dusty free, more efficient & time saving) : 


Why using Uwall Paneling?    

Uwall Paneling offers the same aesthetic exterior of natural marble and added advantages, without the hefty price tag. Here’s a look at the advantages of

Uwall Paneling :

1. Improved Wear Resistance As calcium carbonate is the main component of natural marble, it scores only a 3 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, which makes it vulnerable to abrasion in daily use. Technical marble on the other hand, uses nano powder and hence has a higher resistance to abrasion and cuts.

2. Easier to Maintain Being formed from naturally occurring materials in the earth’s crust, natural marble has micro cracks and can be polluted by water seepage easily. This means that if you accidentally spill dye when colouring your hair in a marble shower, the dye can stain your shower floor. Marble might also be easily etched by acidic materials such as lemon or strong cleansing products. In comparison, Uwall Paneling has a much lower water absorption rate (0.3%), and is also much easier to manage and maintain - simply clean with a wet cloth to remove stains.

3. No Colour Difference While the appearance of natural marble depends on their naturally occurring patterns, Uwall Paneling is flexible and can be manufactured to ensure better colour consistency, to create your desired decoration effect.

4. Easy to Install Natural marble cannot be seamlessly connected, as it is common for gaps to appear between two docking. Uwall Paneling on the other hand can be cut virtually without restrictions on shape or styles in the production process, allowing you to achieve a look that’s closest to your décor conceptualisation. Furthermore, this material can be installed easily with adhesive, increasing the convenience of replacement of tiles, etc.




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Our impeccable 6mm vinyl flooring – with its easy adhesive-free installation, surpasses with a strong yet soft underfoot luxury. It also comes with greater sound absorption and minimal maintenance. Likewise, its beneficial antibacterial topcoat ensures a long-lasting protection for your floor with better indoor air quality.

EcoPluz LRVF is superb in being water-resistant. Its durable and protective top layer can also resist scratches, drops and spills and even stains from family pets. It can also maintain a comfortable constant temperature under different weather conditions. Ideal for both residential and commercial uses, EcoPluz LRVF is the undisputed choice for all your flooring needs.

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